Wedding Dessert Tables

Is it really a wedding without some sweets? We think not! In addition to the wedding cake, more and more couples are offering dessert tables at their receptions. Some couples just want to satisfy their sweet tooth while others share a selection of their families traditional after-dinner treats. No matter your reason for having a dessert buffet there are so many options to help create a presentation that looks just as delicious as it tastes!... Read more »

Pantone’s Color of the Year!

Near the end of each year fashionistas and creativists await the announcement of Pantone’s highly anticipated Color of the Year! Well ladies, it’s in – 2013’s color is Emerald and we can’t get enough of it! This rich hue flatters any skin tone and compliments all types of décor. You’ll soon spot this trend down the runway for many Spring 2013 lines. One of our favorite things about this shade is the... Read more »