{Nicole & Jared} Sweet Young Love!

High School can be hard enough to get through, but imagine having to experience it in Japan! Nicole and Jared met in school while stationed with their parents. After moving back to the states and many years of keeping in touch, they reconnected and realized their sweet young love was still strong.  Nicole and Jared shared a beautiful outdoor wedding at the ION Creek Club.

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{Emily & Kyle}

LUCKY SEVENS! I always feel lucky to be a part of a couple’s wedding day and was especially thrilled to be a part of Emily & Kyle’s celebration at the William Aiken House. Emily & Kyle rolled the dice on their wedding night as guests enjoyed an alternative entertainment option…casino night. Their goal was to exceed the mundane wedding rituals and do what comes naturally with friends and family surrounding them. Guests enjoyed an... Read more »

{Kimberly & Matt}

Perfect Weather! Kimberly & Matt definitely had the heavens in their favor on October 24th. The weather was calling for rain….rain….& more rain on the wedding day. The mother of groom just laughed and said that was the case on both of her other children’s wedding days, so why not Kimberly & Matt’s! Instead, we had beautiful skies and warm weather as everyone danced the night away to the rockin’ sounds of... Read more »

{Traditions, Something Blue……….. Katie & Russ continued}

The old saying goes… ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue….. Happy is the Bride with a Sixpence Penny in her shoe!’   This ‘something blue’ piece of fabric was sewn into the under portion of the bride’s dress and contained a special traditional dime. The dime had been given to the bride’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother prior to their weddings to be worn in their shoe.  Traditions are a great way to... Read more »

{So in Love! Katie & Russ}

It’s so incredible to watch two people that are so in love with each other and so excited about the ceremony moments. Every groom gets a few butterflies in his stomach (rarely can admit it!) but, I was a little worried we were going to lose this one! The groom was a cool shade of pale green and I had to get him to lie down on the couch and drink ginger ale before... Read more »